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[Icons] (7) Kimi to Boku & When They Cry

Well, haven't posted here at all in a while. I got off my butt after not iconning anything for a while and made all these Yuuki Asaba icons because I wanted to fill out my Yuuki RP account, even though I'd probably never use it, because finding Kimi to Boku anime icons seems next to impossible at the moment. I'm also going ahead and posting the handful of WTC icons I made more than a year ago. I was holding off on doing that until I had a larger batch, but didn't get around to doing that until now. Whoops. They are legit more than a year old. Almost a year and a month.

I'm pretty unsatisfied with most of the WTC icons. With the exception of a few, I think the Yuuki icons are passable. In any event, here they are. As usual, telling me which icons you like the best is appreciated. :3c

27 Kimi to Boku (Yuuki Asaba)
20 When They Cry

I'm a fragile boyCollapse )

[Icons] (6) Holiday Icon Requests

So, in lieu of my latest icon batch which has been in the making for the past two months despite that fact that it is horrifically small, have this: A free-for-all icon request post!

Not that I don't accept requests at any time anyways, but here's a little something for the holiday season. The rules shall be as follows:

※ You may request up to five icons
※ Friends may request up to ten icons
※ You must provide me with images to use
※ Suggestions for how you'd like them to look would be appreciated
※ I'm not too good at text yet, but if you'd like text, I'll try my best
※ I can color manga, but if you'd like that, please only request one ;;


[Icons] (5) When They Derp

I've been neglecting my LJ recently. School's about to start, though, so... yeah, I was trying to get things done before then, I guess. At least I was able to finish reading Umineko EP1. I'll make a proper post to my personal journal tonight. ;;
I need to get up off my lazy ass and actually use some of my own icons. XD;; I've gotta clean out the icons have right now first, though... ;;

二十 Umineko Icons


Whose woods these are I think I know, his house is in the village, though...Collapse )


Well, I meant to include the Sengoku Basara icons in this post, but since I haven't finished those yet and I want to get these posted before leaving for Hawaii, this will have to do. A bunch of the Keiichi ones are for sure shit, but whatever. /pads the icon post

1 Shining Tears X Wind
1 Sukisho
1 Doubt
3 Umineko
12 Higurashi

What you have heard is true.Collapse )

[Icons] (3) In the Land of Passion

Wow, another icon post so soon? Well, really, I make these things and then don't feel like waiting to amass a huge amount of them to post at one time.
I saw Himaruya's new banner and just had to icon it. ;;

10 Hetalia (Spain)


I caught a tremendous fish and held him beside the boat half out of water, with my hook fast in a corner of his mouth.Collapse )


[Gathering] Watanagashi in Seattle REDUX

Okay, so the first Watanagashi may have failed because of various oversights, but this time, we may actually be able to pull it off!

Watanagashi-The Cotton Drifting Festival
in Seattle

Date: Sunday, August 1st
Location: The Seattle Center by the International Fountain
Time: We will gather at noon. At around 5:00, we will move to a different location at the Seattle Center to watch Othello performed by Shakespeare in the Park.

Food allergies/preferences:
lthemilkeater : Nut allergy, severe buckwheat allergy

Food list:
lthemilkeater : Macaroni and cheese, chips, soda, plates, cups, etc.
saa19 : Sandwiches (please discuss what kind below)

To be more specific: If you have any food preferences, please declare yourself now. If you can bring anything, please declare yourself now.

Ideas for games and punishments are also grand.



[Icons] (2) Of Poland and Bloodworms

Harro~ As promised, I made a Poland icon for polucky . Choose your favorite, or if none of them tickles your fancy, just tell me how you'd like it different and I'll do my best to accommodate!

Anyways, I am totally in love with the new guy from Umineko. I've already decided to cosplay him, and we don't even know his name or personality yet... Yes, I am crazy. Anyways, on to the icons~

...I should probably finish transcribing some of those things I've been meaning to transcribe for a few months now... ._.;;

3 Hetalia (Poland)
11 Umineko no Naku Koro ni (Character spoiler for the new guy, イトミミズくん)

Alone on the railroad track I walked with pounding heart. The ties were too close together or maybe too far apart.Collapse )

[Icons] (1) I made some for people

So, I'm doing my own crash course in icon-making in preparation for an icon contest that parijienne  roped me into, and so I've made this batch for myself, lanekana , and saa19 .

The Kida icons are for lanekana , the Peter White icons for saa19 , and the Umineko ones were the first ones I made, which explains their unoriginal text. I'm assuming they have have no qualms with me putting these here for just anyone to take?


Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold...Collapse )

[Icons] Resources

 Since I'm actually starting to make some pretty complex icons with textures, I might as well give credit where credit is due right here in this post. It'll probably get pretty messy eventually, so I'll try to make it neater some time.



[Gathering] Having Casual Fun in Seattle

 So, people, comment. Discuss. Yeah. This is much better than a linear thread on FB, right? Right? 8D